TEKAT Ltd company is a technical construction company, an evolution of ZERVAKIS-TECHNICAL PROJECTS (year of establishment 1981), which after a fast development organized on a new basis in order to respond to the increasing context needs of its affiliates as well as the continuing expand of its activities.

TEKAT Ltd is based in Aspropirgos on its owned 6000 m2 facilities and is active on the field of construction and maintenance of gas stations, as well as on the field of trading equipment for gas stations, and petrol infrastructure establishment for the last 30 years.

Our company has taken part into large company projects for construction and reconstruction of gas stations throughout Greece, and other Balkan countries, including the construction of 40 gas stations in Albania for EKO company.

Our company has zero accident rate during its lifetime, which classifies it as one of the first companies on this field.

Our company has great material-technical infrastructure for construction projects. Indicative offer:

  • 8 Crane Vehicles
  • 1 Dump vehicle
  • 2 Aerial platforms
  • 6 Van equipped for servicing fuel pumps
  • 3 Van equipped for mounting-maintenance input-output systems
  • 3 Excavators
  • 1 TankCleaning Vehicle
  • 2 Work Platforms

TEKAT helps companies and individuals interested in providing Gas/Service station services to address a range of challenges so that they can deliver sustained results over the long term.

By bringing together know-how, best price, good practices, resources, deep skills and more than 20 years of real-world collaboration with petroleum and transport companies, international equipments providers, deep knowledge of Hellenic & Balkan Market and a large number of installations in every region in Greece, we help our clients innovate, improve and achieve real change and solid results both today and tomorrow.

TEKAT Services helps Service Station companies develop and implement innovative strategies for rapid, sustainable results across the value chain. We bring a solid foundation of tools, high-end equipment, knowledge, experience and people to help turn industry challenges into opportunities in a competitive industry whereas we provide alternative sources for earnings beyond the classic Service Station incomes.


Technical Service

Maintenance Dpt.

Electronics Dpt.

Commercial Dpt.



Call Center


Our company moves up throughout the course and as a result have received many proposals for cooperation from foreign companies whom we represent in Greece. Sample of good cooperation is our collaboration with the company MEPSAN since 2009 which is a manufacturer of fuel and lpg pumps.

In this way has the possibility of the simultaneous presence of teams of all disciplines at different points. The company also offers IT department with computers, printers, color plotter and a variety of engineering programs for all applications.

To better serve our customers, we constantly monitor market developments both in matters of equipment and technologies as well as in trade policy and perspective issues.

In particular, our company undertakes to provide consulting services in the following fields:

  • Location Selection.
  • Construction Methods.
  • Law Services.
  • Safety and Security Issues.
  • Branding and Marketing.
  • Design.
  • Architecture.
  • Civil Engineering Services.
  • Alternative Services/Income sources..

Client Successes: TEKAT has deep industry experience, gained through years of helping companies and individuals in all segments of the retail part of Gas/Services Station market.

Through innovative thinking and market research, we help our clients understand the industry landscape both now and into the future.

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